28 September 2012

Photo Friday: Tate Modern


Modern Art Museum with kids? Indeed, yes. And for lots of reasons. Besides having family friendly activities ... well, there's the art. Of course. Like these ...

Thankfully this includes places to rest too.

And the incredible gift shop? If I go missing I'm buried in the art + design books, kids lit, and sketchbook + art supplies sections. And so happy.

But the most fun of all for Spud? The Tate Modern building, originally an old power station, hosts a giant indoor steep hill. Great for burning off some steam!

And for racing toy Tube trains.

At some point a security guard came over. We thought for sure he was going to put an end to the fun. But no! He just wanted to get a closer look and ask Spud some questions.

Thanks to Delicious Baby for hosting Photo Friday.