28 December 2012

A When I Grow Up Poster

A few days before Christmas, Spud and I were walking around downtown running various errands when he, out of the blue, as 8 year olds tend to do, asked if I wanted to know all the things he wanted to be when he grew up. This is the list he rattled off.

Say that 3 times fast. Other than Inventor being strategically at the top, it's where his passion burns the brightest right now, the rest are in no particular order. He was also careful to point out that many of them will likely become hobbies. That's the practical side of him talking.

So, I made this for 3 reasons. First, I was trying to come up with original, meaningful ideas for under the tree that don't add more clutter to our already cluttered environment.

The second reason is that I've been trying to come up with an inspirational poster for his room for a few months now; just waiting for the right inspiration. When he listed all those things, the first thing I thought was "don't lose that, kid". And then "Oh, I think I have a poster idea now!".

The third reason is that I wanted to capture that moment in time. His list will likely change. Which is why I dated it. I think it would be fun to do another one in a couple of years to compare. In the meantime, I want him to always remember the possibilities. As we get older, our lists tend to get shorter, I think. Maybe this poster will help keep these dreams, or others like them, alive.

I laid out the type in InDesign, made a jpg and sent it to our local photo processing shop. This is better than printing it out on a laser printer as it will last longer not being as susceptible to UV light. This oversized print (12" x 16") cost $15. It only had to be trimmed down a smidge to fit the IKEA frame, which cost about 5 bucks.

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