02 January 2013

2013 Resolutions

Well, I'm happy to say that last year's resolutions are still in full swing. The "Y" is still our home away from home. Spud is still curling on Sundays, now with 2 of his best buddies, which he loves. And is on the slopes with his (almost) new equipment.

If all goes according to plan, 2013 will include: Draw/Paint/Create More! (me), Do More Art With Spud (Spud and me), Eat Better — we are trying this for one month (all), Play Piano (almost) Everyday (Spud), Write More (Hubs and Me), Make A Total of 15 Comics (Spud).

So, in all, after taking stock, I would like this coming year to be much like the last. It was fantastic. But with just a wee bit more creativity squeezed in. Oh, and eating more carefully and consciously too. Here goes!