22 February 2013

Photo Friday: A Day in Greenwich

When planning our trip to London we looked up a friend who was temporarily living, well, in London, we thought. It turns out, with 2 young boys, they opted for some greener pastures; a short train ride away, to Blackheath. She invited us out for the day and took us to Greenwich.

The weather was stunning. Everyone was enjoying the park. Here we ogled at the Greenwich Mean Time clock we've heard so much about all our lives.

And here the kids are measuring their feet up against the standard measure of an imperial "foot".

And the view from the clock. More green space. We decided to walk down to find some refreshments.

But first a little cruise through the local market.

And finally a stop in a local pub. The parents talked about life living abroad. And the kids talked about math, of all things.

If you are ever in the neighbourhood, check it out.

Thanks to Delicious Baby for hosting Photo Friday.