20 April 2013

Photo Friday: Spud's Obsession — The Tube


Our dear boy was literally obsessed with the Tube while in London. Within in a day of arriving he was our self-appointed tourist navigation coordinator.

And a credit to the Tube system and its wayfinding signage; an 8 year old can get around this city with little or no help. Even I could manage it in a pinch!

It took a little while before we realized that Spud had an agenda: to ride every line at least once before our 11 days in the city were up. Sometimes, as you can imagine, that meant taking some pretty creative routes ... that could take a very long time! But we did it. We hit every line.

We got pretty good at it but sometimes our timing was terrible ... here the after work rush was lined up out into the street! That's when it's time to find a cafe (or pub!) to wait it out. And we did.

Sometimes it's more fun to play with your own Tube train.

Especially at the Tate Modern, as it turns out.

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