22 January 2014

2014. Let's Do This.

This may seem a little late for resolutions ... but I figure we are still in January, and, well, is it ever too late to take time to reflect and put some thought into what you want your future to look like? Last year had plenty to be grateful for. But it sure had its ups and downs too. And there are some things that will naturally spill over to this year. But nonetheless I'm looking forward to a new, fresh year full of hope and possibility.

Meet my log book. I started this ritual last year and it worked really well. In bullet points, for each day, I enter all those important things that happened. Workouts. Creative pursuits. Completed To Do list items. For items that have predetermined goals I keep track of my weekly progress on a chart on the front page.

And this year I will keep track of my progress on my resolutions as well. So, here are the 6 things I'm resolving to do this year.

I resolve to keep in touch with the ones I love, that are near and dear to me, even if I can't do face to face. That means more "just because emails" to those I can't get to see very often. Sending personal updates to family that live far away. Having more coffee dates with the people that inspire me and make my heart happy. I'm so blessed to have a quality group of great people in my life and it's stupid to be too busy to stay connected to them.

· Time to deal with those overdue doctor appointments!
· Do Yoga 3 days per week
· Gym or Fitness class 2 days per week
· Family Fitness Fun at least 1 day per week such as long hike or bike

As much for the kid's sake as mine. His pace is naturally (waaaaay) slower than mine, and we will all be so much happier if I find a way to plan for it, accommodate it and just generally accept it.

While Hubs is going to be the VP of our giant reno project this year, I want to figure out where my strengths are and contribute meaningfully to the process. I'm hoping it doesn't include heavy lifting or brute force though. Let that be noted.

We just bought a house. Need I say more.

Everyday. Set mini goals and track them. No excuses.

Spud's resolution, "to send notes and artwork to family throughout the year".

Hubs resolution is definitely revolving around a million home reno projects.

Well, we have a busy and exciting year ahead. Let's do this.