17 March 2008

Mad Scientist Bath


Tonight's bath included a few drops of food colouring, some baking soda and some vinegar. A little of this and a little of that and our wee one is making purple and asking questions about the mighty frothy bubble. Spud didn't want it to stop. "What other sorts of experiments can we do?".

Next: The Delights of Density
Will it Float? [sung like Paul Schaffer]
I'll collect various items from around the house in a container and ask the little guy to make predictions before tossing each item into the drink. This will be my first batch: a cotton swab, a coin, small toy dinosaur, a sponge, 2 bottles — one filled with water and one not, and a straw. That should be a good start.

And After That: Conservation of Liquid
Having fun with the idea that a quantity remains the same despite its change in appearance. For example, fill a tall thin container with bath water and tell your wee one that you are going to pour it into another [short, fat] container. Ask if it is the same amount of water. Famous French Child Psychologist, Jean Piaget, says kids typically don't get the concept that the amount of water doesn't change, until age 6 or 7 but hey, you can have fun with it in the meantime.


Miss Muffin said...

Are you supposed to put the vinegar and the baking soda in the bath water? I suppose not - am I right? Just wondering ... assuming that vinegar is rather aggressive to skin ...?
I used to make volcanoes with this and let them explode! :-) Really fun!!!

Jackie said...

Well, we always start out with the concoction in a bowl that is floating in the tub. Because of the smaller venue, the impact is bigger. But, it always ends up in the tub eventually. And I don't worry about it because we've seen no ill effects; our bub has really sensitive skin too. But it's all natural and it's a relatively small amount in the water. I get more stressed out about him paddling in the neighbourhood chlorinated pool.

If you are nervous though, you could whisk away the bowl before it gets out of hand ...

Also, LOVE the volcano ... red bubbling lava, doesn't get any better than that.


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