18 March 2008

Space Centre


The 'menu' of what's going on in this establishment can be quite overwhelming. It's best to march right up to the ticket booth, look a little stunned, and they'll map out your day for you. In 2 hours you can easily fit in a Planetarium show, 2 stage shows, and a motion simulator ride. In between show times, the highly interactive Cosmic Courtyard has loads to offer ... like touching a real meteorite.

Stars for Starters and Harold's Solar System are just 2 of the shows they have in a day.

They call this thing Harold. It's a 360 degree projector that simulates the night sky overhead in a large theatre.

Rocket Lab and A Day in Space are two of their live stage shows. We took our 3-year old Spud to the show on rockets. At some point he asked "why is she talking so much?" and then declared "this is boring!". At least I'M now up to speed on Newton's 3 laws of motion. She really had his attention when she made a rocket though. It was well worth the wait. And the 6 to 8 year old crowd were well engaged all along.

Virtual Voyages
Mars Motion Simulator Ride. More details here.

The famous Siegels Bagels is on the way [1883 Cornwall Avenue at Cypress]. Considered by most to be the most authentic Montreal-style bagel shop in the city, first kettle boiled and then baked. Try ordering what's just coming out of the large wood burning oven ... warm and oh so good.