06 May 2008

Camping Orange Muffins

We're gearing up for camping season. Our first trip is in 2 weeks and it's time start the meal planning. This one's a fave from last year.

· Oranges [bigger is better in this case and thick skins will serve you well]
· Muffin Mix [store bought or from your kitchen at home]
· Foil wrap [The foil helps keep it all together and gives you a handle for rotating around the coals]

1. Slice off the top of each orange.

2. Scoop out the orange flesh [you can add to a fruit salad later]. Keep the skin as intact as possible.

3. Spoon in muffin batter into each orange. Allow room for rising; about 3/4". Replace the orange lid.

4. Wrap in tin foil in such a way that you can make a handle at the top of each orange.

5. Place in the coals of your campfire for 20 minutes or so.

6. When done, peel open your moist and delicately orange-flavoured muffin and enjoy.