31 May 2008

Watermelon Milkshake

Easy and awesome for a warm evening cool off.

2 C. watermelon [substitute with fruit of choice]
4 scoops vanilla ice cream
1/2 C. milk
1/2 C. ice cubes
3 T. instant pudding powder


Anonymous said...

What is a C and a T? Very non-descriptive forms of measurement.

I am not a regular cook and have no prior knowledge on cooking measurements.

Please elaborate on it for the beginners.

Jackie said...

No problem.
Big C. = Cup(s)
Big T. = Tablespoon(s)
Little t. = teaspoon(s)

Hope that helps.
: )

Jackie said...

Oh, and in case you are partial to metric ...
Cup = 250 ml
Tablespoon = 15 ml
teaspoon = 5 ml

I found the conversions here:

I hope this blesses you with delicious milkshakes!
: )

Anonymous said...

How about a non-alcoholic eggnog. Add one raw egg to milk and put in one teaspoon of sugar.

Turn on the blender and voila!

You have healthy egg milkshake or eggnog ready to be consumed first thing in the morning...

Jackie said...

Fabulous idea. And I suppose replacing the ice cream with yogurt would also make it more breakfast-like. Always looking for easy healthy-ish breaky options.
: )

Anonymous said...

Is this done in a blender or food processor? Is there any order in which to put the ingredients in the blender or processor?

Jackie said...

I use a blender for milkshakes and I just toss it all in at once.
: )

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