18 July 2008

Bean Sprout Project

Spud's Nana likes to grow beans herself. And she was inspired by this little Chirp project. So, a couple of weeks ago, she brought over some of her 'magic' beans, put them in a wide mouth mason with several tissues [we didn't have paper towels] and spritzed them thoroughly.

Everyday since, Spud and I have generously spritzed them at least twice per day, except for our camping weekend when we were away but that did them no harm.

Here's their progress.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Thanks for the reminder on this project; it's one I've been meaning to do!

Emily said...

Thanks for the cute comment on my blog! Your blog is so fun. I love all the ideas for my kids. I like to keep their hands busy and out of trouble!

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