12 August 2008

Circle Farm Tours


Expose our city kid to the farm life and buy fresh food, locally. Both reasons we decided to participate in the self-guided Circle Farm Tour through one of our local farming communities. Do all large cities have these? I don't know but I hope so because it was really great. Currently there are 6 farming communities in our regional district that participate in the program.

We checked out, Langley, which has 12 participating farms including 2 wineries, a nursery specializing in rare tree species, and an equestrian facility. We decided that 12 was too many and narrowed it down to 3; I chose a berry farm and a turkey farm and Spud chose an alpaca/llama farm. They happen to be numbers 8, 9, and 10 on the map [found on above Langley link].

Sterling Farms specializes in raising animals with fine fleeces such as llamas, suri, alpacas & cashmere producing goats. We were greeted by a friendly man who promptly showed us into the pens where the very curious animals roam. Spud was particularly interested in the babes we saw ranging from 3 months old to 4 days old.


They sell strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, freshly picked corn and green beans as well as their trademark berry shortcakes and old fashioned berry milkshakes. And the pies look amazing! You will also see donkeys, horses, a small toddler playground and facilities.

This glorious thing is stuffed in the middle with berry goodness.

I don't need to say exactly how I feel about this mountainous berry pie, do I? I believe the picture says it all.


The farmgate store sells their specialty turkeys that are certified free of antibiotics and animal by-products. We loaded up our cooler in the trunk with frozen turkey pieces, turkey meatballs and nitrate-free turkey sausage.

I'm really looking forward to trying another circle tour.