09 August 2008

Science World


Science World just never disappoints. With its IMAX theatre, 2 floors of interactive and stimulating activities, live science shows, and travelling exhibits, my Spud is always a happy customer. Today we decided to take public transit to add to the overall adventure of it. Spud likes taking buses and riding the train so first we hopped on one of those small 'community shuttles'.

And then on the SkyTrain.

We got off at this stop. After Spud watched a few of the trains come and go we went down the stairs and crossed the street to the big, shiny silver ball at the end of False Creek. You really can't miss it.

We spent the next 4 hours reconstructing the bones in a human body puzzle, climbing inside a huge cedar tree, petting a corn snake, shooting balls into a waterfall with an air cannon, constructing a spaceship using giant lego, sending a rubber chicken flying up to the second floor using a giant sling shot, lifting our own body weight using our arms and a pulley system, watching a film about space, making music, and on and on it went.


We wanted to have lunch at the Granville Island Public Market so we walked to the dock on the other side of False Creek [2 minutes] and hopped on one of the False Creek Ferries [could also catch an Aquabus at the same place].

After a cute 10 minute boat ride we had our choice of great Indian, Mexican, Ukrainian food among many other cuisines. Sometimes it's nice to simply load up on fresh fruit at one of the farmer stalls and then pick up something heavenly at one of the bakeries. Terra Breads makes gorgeous Olive Bread, for example.