13 August 2009

Cars + Stripes Snack Bento

Left to Right
· Blueberries
· Cucumber cars
· Celery half moons [hiding under cucumber]
· Havarti cheese slices
· Crackers
· 3 large chocolate chips in elephant container
· Carrots, simmered in pineapple juice / maple syrup
· Ham cubes [hiding under the carrots]


Teesha said...

Miss Jackie, you really are a SuperWoman....

Who knows how many hours you put in last week and you still manage to pull off works of art for the little man's lunch.!

Jackie said...

Teesha you are such a darling. But, my friend, you would only know all the hours I put in last week if you TOO were putting in those long hours! I have to admit, I was a little bleary-eyed making these things. But it's fun, right?! And boy did last week make me appreciate this weekend! No work, just play. And I'm taking nothing for granted.
: )
Hope you and your guys are enjoying it as well. Thanks for the nice note.

Lisa said...

Jackie, do you remember where you got those handy little silicon muffin cups I saw in an earlier post? I have a picky eater (2 yrs. old) and want to jazz up her meals with a little bento magic!

Jackie said...

Lisa, yes, I got our at one of those big-box grocery stores [Great Canadian Superstore] in the baking/kitchen area. They were pretty inexpensive, I think just $5 or $7 and we got a whole whack of them.

I've also seen them at Daiso, the magic dollar store that I've gushed about in previous posts ... those end up costing about $1 each.

How exciting that you are getting into the bento too! Let us know how it goes.

Happy Bento-ing!

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