12 August 2009

Monochromatic Snack Bento

From the Top
· wee tomatoes from our deck container garden [they taste like candy!]
· hard boiled egg, cut criss-cross
· carrot skewers, simmered in pineapple juice/maple syrup [I did this last night while cleaning the kitchen]
· cheddar sticks

There's meant to be more colour variety in a traditional bento ... but sometimes it just works out like this.

Bentolicious III


Kathy Barbro said...

WOW – that photo takes my breath away!

Jackie said...

How adorable are you? Thanks! And let me take this opportunity to tell you how much I LOVE your "Art Projects for Kids" blog. It's FULL of loads of inspiration and ideas. Thank you for sharing all your creativity.
: )
And thanks for popping by.

featherbed said...

this is so fun! I am going to try your carrot prep for my little guy!

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