09 July 2011

Fire Baked Toffee Apples

Just one of my favourite parts of camping with friends is feeding each other. I get a lot of pleasure planning meals to share by the fire. And it's always a welcome treat to be fed without any of the fuss and muss. 

We are blessed with very good friends who also really like to cook and share good food. My buddy KR made us baked toffee apples after a wonderful dutch oven enchilada casserole that even Spud enjoyed despite the tiny bit of spice. I must have been so busy eating that I forgot to document the dinner! I must have come to at some point because here are some shots of our simply yummy apple dessert.

One tray of green and one tray of red.

Sure, we done baked apples with brown sugar and butter but this was a welcome twist: full to the top with butter and toffee bits. Oh my.