15 July 2011

Photo Friday #45: Venice Beach


Venice Beach is not the first place you think of when you think of travelling with kids. But we were in the neighbourhood, so to speak, and took a couple of hours to wander along the boardwalk and beach. Spud was oblivious to most of the, say, questionable aspects of the area and had a good time taking in the street performers, general people watching, and window shopping the various vendors. Hey, it even has a decent playground on the beach!

One of the highlights for all of us was the graffiti ("Psst. Spud. Don't look behind you." Maybe this explains the nightmares.)

And watching the artists in action was pretty cool.

Muscle beach is crazy! Watching beefy men, in skimpy outfits, pumping iron on the beach was, well, an awkward, oddly voyeuristic experience ... that I wouldn't miss! I wouldn't dare take photos of them, but the building, with its concrete dumbbells is cool.

Ending with some quality playground time.

Next stop, the California ScienCentre.

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