25 August 2011

Grilled Cheese, Please

Look what came in the mail! I won a contest with our Pound Cake Grilled Cheese Sandwich that we made on our last camping trip. I won this beautiful book full of 50 grilled cheese recipes! 

Who should I thank? Well, the Grilled Cheese Social! It's where we found the pound cake recipe in the first place and where I won the contest. If you like melted cheese, you will love her blog. I should also thank the Wisconsin Cheese people. They sent the book and other swag to me. Love them. Thank you!


Laura Werlin said...

I'm thrilled you're so excited about receiving my book! I hope you find the recipes as delectable as your pound cake grilled cheese sandwich, which sounds terrific. Enjoy, and say GRILLED cheese! -- Laura Werlin

Jackie said...

Laura, I am VERY excited to take the book on a test run. It is really beautiful. And my boy is too! He LOVES grilled cheese. I'm honoured that you popped by to say hi. Thank you!

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