05 August 2011

Photo Friday #47


A unique combination of sweet and savoury this pastry, pastilla, was stuffed with chicken and spices and topped with sugar and cinnamon. Sounds odd but surprisingly yummy.

I'd like to say that the kid bravely tried one of these. But he did not. He enjoyed a chocolate cake treat that reminded him more of home. Originally we planned to go to a higher end restaurant and try pastilla in its pigeon carnation but we never got around to that. Next time.

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walkingon travels said...

I'm armchair eating right along with you. That sure looks tasty, although that combo of sweet and savory does seem strange. I'll take your word for it though and be sure to try it out.

Sarah V. said...

Oh my goodness! That looks and sounds delicious.

Sonja said...

Sounds strange, but looks good. I'd try it!

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