25 October 2011

Envelope Templates for Writing Bin

Here's Spud's new Mailbox bin, similar to his Poetry Box but more about writing letters to family and friends. Once again I've been inspired by Playful Learning

Scroll down to see what's inside and to download the templates I made to make these envelopes, liners and note cards.

Here I am cutting and folding. For the envelope liners I used some decorative paper we had on hand but also some cool textures I found in an old magazine.

Letter writing is not Spud's favourite thing in the world to do, yet, but by filling the bin with little note cards for secret messages as well as stencils and stickers, well, sometimes he just can't resist.

The writing bin inside:

· alphabet reference sheet
· stencils
· two sets of dollar store stationery packages
 (blue clouds and orange city themes)
· pens, pencils, scissors, glue, cute erasers that he will never use but loves anyway
· stamps and return address labels

Adding a set of pencil crayons to draw with and a few postcards is on my list of things to add.

For your downloadable envelope set template, click here.

This has been too much fun, I hope to make more templates for his writing bin in the future! In the meantime, hope you enjoy this. Please leave a note, I would love to hear from you.