13 October 2011

Playful Learning: Poetry Puzzle

This was a fun activity, found in Playful Learning, to add to our newly created Poetry Bin. Fun, and in my case, totally nostalgic.

Spud and I started reading through a Canadian classic kids poetry book from my childhood, by Dennis Lee, called Alligator Pie (circa 1970s). The title poem is one I remember repeating over and over as child.

Spud responded to a couple of them right away. I printed them out on letter sized paper and cut the sentences into strips then jumbled them all up. The first poem: Ookpik. I think I even used to own an Ookpik ... made out of seal skin or something. Anyway, I found an image of it that I knew Spud could not resist.

The moment he saw this activity, his eyes lit up and he proceeded to take the jumbled pile of sentences to an orderly comprehensive poem, using the book as a reference.

I simply observed. Once completed, he read it over and over, maybe 6 times, with such intent and concentration. It was fascinating to see how engaged he was. This morning he woke up and recited the poem from memory. Oh to have the memory of a child! Next step? Cut the sentences into words.

Write a Poem Printable
Playful Learning: Poetry Box


jojoebi said...

lol - guess what I made last night? I did a Halloween version, I didn't realise the puzzle idea what in Mariah's book, it was something I used to do when I was teaching. I have left the basket on Ebi-kun's desk to see what happens..

Jackie said...

That is awesome! I'm curious to see how it goes. I just made up a halloween version of my poetry printable. I will post about it soon ... maybe if Spud busts out a spooky one.
: )

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