19 March 2012

DIY Family Travel Journal ... Check!


Guess what I did in front of the TV the other night ... 8 signatures made of watercolour paper and stitched with blue embroidery floss. 

Each signature has 4 sheets (9" x 12" cut in half long ways).

I also made little accordion pop-outs and mini-books to fill out and glue in. The mini envelopes we bought. We are hoping to fill some with stamps or other flat treasures we find along the way.

Hubs, Spud and I will each start with one journal and if/when they fill up we will just grab another. Here they are each ready for our day packs.

And the spares waiting in the wings.

The idea is that at the end of the trip, I will bind all the full ones together for one big happy family journal.

Confession: I still have to do that with our Morocco journals from last year! I guess I'll being doing both when we get back.

UPDATE: Check out our bound Morocco family travel journal here.