20 March 2012

Travel Journal Supplies


Our travel journal supplies for our 2 and half week Vienna / London trip include:
· 3 ways of sticking stuff into our journals (acid free glue sticks, double-sided mounting squares, and tape runner)
· 3 neutral coloured Sharpies (great for when you want to do watercolour after!)
· 3 fine black Sharpies (for writing)
· Dual size Sharpener
· Multiple colour ballpoint pen
· 12 LYRA pencil crayons (including 3 metallics)
· 4 Staedtler dual ended felts
· 2 erasers (including "kneaded" eraser)
· 2 mechanical pencils (I'm going to have to add another one to this pile)
· 3 sizes of Niji waterbrushes
· small watercolour pad (I wish we could bring watercolour pencils as well ... not sure if I can squeeze them in!)

Here it all is packed and ready to go.