23 November 2012

Book Review: Make Magic! Do Good!

Hubs and I grew up on poetry. Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein, of course. And I have special memories of the Canadian classic Alligator Pie too. Page after page of thought provoking words, unimaginable worlds and pure silliness in all of them, crafted to draw in and inspire little readers. Spud loves them as much as we did. And now we have another to add to the list ...

Dallas Clayton, of An Awesome Book (which is truly awesome), is launching a book of poetry called Make Magic! Do Good! this month and I have a copy! It was the perfect book to bring on our little vacay last week; so many late nights meant very little time for reading before bed. A few charming little poems with charming little illustrations did the trick though! The quirky, whimsical, and at times inspiring messages always left Spud asking for more.