01 March 2013

My 100 Faces Doodle Project

Sketch 100 faces (I did 110 ... I couldn't stop myself). Quickly. Don't fuss. Try not to use an eraser. Experiment with different media.

  1. Doing something 100 times DOES make it come easier and it becomes more fun
  2. I need a lot more than 100 times to be good at this
  3. Watching TV is more fun with sketchbook in hand
  4. I can make a lot of different facial expressions by accident
  5. I only know how to draw something face on
  6. I like playing with water colours ... would love to learn more about using them
  7. I like using soft pastels, want to buy more colours
  8. I love using black pigment pens ... a lot!
  9. I don't know how to draw boys

Here are 50 selects. I chose the least offensive ... they made me laugh or they just didn't make me cringe that much or I just like them for some reason. Some of the facial expressions are hilarious to me.

My boy was a bit bewildered that all my faces were girls ... perhaps 100 boy faces next?

OK, this might end up being the my longest post ever but here are some close ups of a few of my favourites too.