13 March 2013

My 365 Grateful Project: Week #44

Find Something For Which to Be Grateful. Take a Picture of It. Repeat 365 times.

DAY 302: March 4, 2013  |  And the cupboard was bare. I mean the kitchen. #renos #365grateful

DAY 303March 5, 2013  |  Packed my portable office, gym bag, after school snacks, piano books ... Oops forgot a post-workout towel! Thank you Y for coming through there. #365grateful

DAY 304March 6, 2013  |  Ooooo. Excited! That kitchen wall is finally out! #365grateful

DAY 305March 7, 2013  |  My office today ... Away from the construction at home #365grateful

DAY 306March 8, 2013  |  Starting the second layer of the 4D London #puzzle #history #geography #the4thdimensionistime #365grateful

DAY 307March 9, 2013  |  Got me a book bag with my logo on it #Swag

DAY 308March 10, 2013  |  Silent auction booty. Happy to help raise funds AND get this sweet bag. #smitten #365grateful

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