22 November 2007

Getting Messy

My wee guy is a bit fussy about getting stuff on his hands. I wanted to show him how fun it can be to get messy. We bought a cheap plastic table cloth and some cheap shaving cream at the dollar store. It took a little while to get him started but before long he was right into it, making mountains and volcanoes with his hands.

Next time I will try it with canned whipped cream. If I use shaving cream again I will be sure that I love the sent. It's surprising how long the scent of Old Spice fragrance can linger on ... making my little guy smell like an old man.


Debbie said...

This is my favorite way to use up the heavy cream that's left over from a recipe! Just whip it up (usually without the sugar), maybe add a little food coloring, and give it to the kids.

All that cream makes them a little oily though, so plan on a good bath after!


Jackie said...

I love that idea, Debbie. No old man scent AND low/no sugar. I'm on it.


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