28 November 2007

Friday Night Short: Quatchi, Miga + Sumi

My first mascot was Amik, from the Montreal Olympics in 1976. I loved him to pieces regardless of the fact that he wasn't the least bit cuddly and lacked any sort of personality at all. Since then, I've acquired [or more accurately, my son has acquired] one of the Athens mascots from a good friend who was living there during their Games. And one of Torino's mascots that I brought home after seeing the Games there.

And now I'm a proud owner of three more. I'm really smitten with these wee Vancouver critters. The video is beautiful. Stunning even. Check out video here. The plush versions are here.


Anonymous said...

je dit qu'ils sont super cute

Jackie said...

Moi aussi. C'est très mignon. Vers trop mignon, non? Le "plush" quatchi est mon favourite. Je predrai une photo à bientôt ... stay tuned.

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