20 December 2008

Chicago: Science + Heaven

1. Museum of Science + Industry
2. Heaven on Seven

1. Museum of Science + Industry
Spud's favourite areas were the Idea Factory and the submarine tour. But we barely scratched the surface of this almost overwhelmingly large museum that will certainly appeal to any child.

For a small extra fee we opted for a tour on the U-505 submarine.

Check out the site to get a customized itinerary.

The #10 bus actually goes back and forth between the museum and the Water Tower [a couple of blocks from our hotel, [The Avenue] on Michigan Avenue [Magnificent Mile].

This very extensive museum can fill up the better part of a day and so we didn't schedule anything else in. Except for a taking some dreamy cajun cuisine back to the hotel when it was all over.

2. Heaven On Seven
600 North Michigan · 312 280 8884

Touted as the "Best Louisiana Cookin' Outside of New Orleans". Having never been to New Orleans, I have to believe 'em. No carb jumbalaya. Collard greens and cheese grits. Po Boy sandwiches. They have good kid hamburgers too, albeit huge. And brunch on weekends.

When you find the building on Michigan, go around to the back and then you'll see the signs on the doors at the back corner. Go up the escalator.