27 December 2008

Children's Museum Attempt

We really wanted to see the Dupage Children's Museum. We had heard such great things about it that we were determined to drag our little 4 year old guy on an hour-long train ride to a neighbouring community to see it.

After a 4.5 hour round trip, though, we only saw the outside of the highly acclaimed Museum. And all due to bad planning. Coupled with bad weather.

First we should've checked to see how often the trains to Naperville left Union Station. Next, we should've called the Museum to make sure they were business as usual after the snow fall the evening before. Dumb.

How we got to the Children's Museum

301 N Washington Street | Naperville, IL | 630 637 8000

1. We took the 151 bus to Union Station across from the old Water Tower on Michigan.

2. At Union Station we bought our tickets at Metra. Our train was leaving in an hour. During rush hour they run more often. At off times they can run every 2 hours.

3. After about an hour on the train we reached Naperville. We crossed under the rail in the pedestrian tunnel to the other side, walked away from Chicago toward a large parking lot until we saw the museum. It was pretty empty. Except for snow. And turned out to be completely locked up. There was no sign or indication as to why it would be closed at noon on a Friday but one can assume that it had something to do with the wintery weather.

So sad. Oh well. The train ride was an experience. And I guess that just gives us another excuse to come again some day.


Alison Segebarth said...

DuPage Children's Museum really is worth it and I hope you'll try to visit again. If you'll contact me at the Museum (I'm the Director of Marketing and Membership), I'll make sure your next visit works out a little better. We're looking forward to seeing you here!

Jackie said...

Oh, you make it very tempting. We fell in love with Chicago and there are plenty of things we would still like to do. But we flew over 1700 miles to get there so it might be awhile before we get to your parts again.

Thanks so much for your nice note. It takes the sting out of our blunder a little bit. We've heard such great things about your museum. Keep up the good work.
: )

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