26 December 2008

Decorating the Hotel?

OK. I didn't even think about this ahead of time but my 4 year old pointed out pretty quickly that we needed to decorate our hotel room. I don't know how I missed that! We spent most of the week leading up to Christmas in a hotel in Chicago and it lacked a certain festiveness, for sure. I knew we would stumble across all kinds of Christmassiness as we explored the city. And soon enough we would be in Toronto spending the holidays with family and loads of holiday goodness. But he was right, the room was nice but a little barren.

Well, I did happen to bring the latest green envelope that the Craft Caravan sent us. Luckily it had two little xmassy projects.

First, it was sticker time. Putting all these sticker ornaments and lights on this 3D tree kept Spud busy for quite awhile ...

... and the second project produced a nice little string of beads ornament that we'll keep for our tree next year.

But Spud insisted on more. So we improvised, big time. Dental floss. Paper pad from the hotel desk drawer. And the few felts and crayons we brought.

Spud had the funnest time hanging them around the room while Hubs was out on an errand so he could surprise him when he got back.