13 February 2009

Banana Sprinkle Mini Pies


I found this adorable idea at A bit of this and a bit of that and we tried it tonight. It made a nice little intermission from our movie night.

We gave Spud:
Butter knife and cutting board
Banana, peeled
Nutella [warmed in the microwave for 20 seconds]

He did the rest. Slice, dip, dip, slurp. And then he named them mini pies after declaring his perpetual love for them.


Trish said...

wow, great idea--I love how these turned out. many thanks to you and "bit of this' for the inspiration.

Lissy said...

This is very popular in our house...but we just put the sprinkles straight on the banana...will have to try the nutella as well :)

Jackie said...

Oh, I guess the sprinkles would just stick right to the banana. I'm curious about trying some other fruit too ... maybe apples?

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