27 February 2009

Photo Friday #8

Getting in a little hammock time ... with a spotter.

For other travel pics, check out my favourite family travel site Delicious Baby. Or go there to share your travel photos on Fridays too.


Mammagiramondo. said...

I love to see the pictures and to read about your travel and all the nice things you do.

DeliciousBaby said...

Adorable - you know, I'm not sure either of my kids has ever sat in a hammock. That needs to remedied ASAP don't you think?

Jackie said...

Hammock time is a good time. I suppose it's never too early to start the love of the hammock.
: )

Dominique said...

This reminds me that I'll be able to set up the hammock in my backyard in a couple of months!

I wasn't lucky enough to have my hammock this young :)

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