11 July 2009

Coombs Bakery


Goats living on the roof is just one reason why this place is not just a bakery.

An impressive selection of wooden toys is another.

On this trip we had some lunch, picked up some water colour paper, a rubber band powered airplane for Spud, some smoked salmon candy, and a jar of imported butter chicken sauce. Just to give an idea of how diverse this place is. This haunt is a Spud favourite. And mine too. You wouldn't be alone if you went out of your way in your travels on Vancouver Island to take a boo at this place. In the summer, it teems with lookiloos from far and wide.

We finished this visit with a little ice cream from the shop behind the bakery and then trundled next door to see what other crazy things were going on ...

Like impressive imported statues ...

And beat up old cars.

I never know what I'm going to see when I go there. And that's part of its charm.