06 July 2009

Tofino Day 1: Dunes, Zipping + Oysters

First, a guided dune hike in the Pacific Rim National Park in the morning. It was a beautiful peaceful walk. And we learned stuff too!

We learned about the 'bad grass' that was introduced to the area and is now trapping the dunes from moving and eventually turns it all forest. The tour was well suited to the kids in the group as well; it wasn't long before Spud was quietly chanting "no more bad grass. no more bad grass" to himself, on his own accord.

This was some of the good stuff. These plants thrive in moving sands and don't try to tie it down.

In 'downtown' Tofino, we found a playground with a zip line fun enough for grown ups too. We came back here everyday. Doesn't hurt that the big grocery store is but a block away which meant one parent could shop while the other parent zipped.

It's not easy finding good food at good value in Tofino. Well that's what we found anyway. But Big Daddy's served up a pretty yummy oyster and chips, among other traditional fast food fare.