08 July 2009

Tofino Day 2: Hiking and Beaching

In the Morning.
Taking a short drive [40 km] to the smaller nearby town, Ucluelet, for a little hike was more than worth it.

The Wild Pacific Trail, nice and easy, is a 3K loop with endless numbers of lookouts like this ...

and this ...

and this ...

and lots of greenery ...

And places to stop and take it in ...

and a few of these ... bald eagles ... in flight and calling ...

In the Afternoon
We spent the afternoon on Chesterman Beach.

On the menu? We brought our Dutch oven and made roasted chicken on the beach ... so yummy!

And when we were done, the wind came up for a spell and some of us went kite boarding, well, one of us [ummm, not me].

[image source: ejb]

Tofino Day 1
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Roasted Chicken
Lovin' the Oven
Dutch Oven Stew