16 October 2009

Photo Friday #19


So, the part I love about travelling the most? Unexpectedly running into and witnessing a local cultural event. Take one giant pumpkin, the winner of the Seaside Giant Pumpkin Contest [easily over 1000 lbs. maybe it was 1300 lbs. I was only half paying attention], one old surrey and hundreds of spectators ... this is what you get.

The Giantest Pumpkin going for a ride.

Dilapidated Surrey waiting for its doom.

Now the giant crane is getting involved.

Lining the pumpkin up carefully before hoisting up.

And up she goes.

To the top!

Does anyone have any safety concerns here? Two guys tugging on the "quick release", 1000 lbs directly overhead, waiting for the right moment to run out of the way. Yoiks!

There they go, spry as ever.


Pumpkin guts abound.

Then there was the mad dash; dozens of children running to see how big a piece of pumpkin they could snatch up.

And there they are.

Together. Pumpkin and Surrey.

What did Spud think of the spectacle? The look on his face was of horror. And almost to the point of tears. His commentary: "That was WAY worse than I even thought it was going to be". When probed, it turned out, his 5-year-old-self, predicted that the pumpkin would still be intact when it landed and squished the Surrey. "You know," he said "all you would see is the pumpkin and the surrey would be hidden underneath it."

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Cate said...

Funny! How do these farmers get them so big? I can barely grown one bigger than my fist.

Linda said...

I've been to sauerkraut days and sweet corn feeds and all sorts of small-town festivals, but to me, smashing a surrey with a giant pumpkin is just plain bizarre.

Jackie said...

Cate, I know! I wondered the same thing. Someone told me that they are really pumpkins after all. [Cheaters!?] But that they are some sort of crazy squash variety that digs getting that big and looks quite a bit like a pumpkin. I don't know if it's true but it does sound like it could be.

Jackie said...

Linda, you are so right. I once thought you had to trot the globe to see bizarre cultural events ... this one was not that far from home I'd have to say.
: |

maria said...

oh my, look at the size of that pumpkin! I heard you guys have giant pumpkin competitions in the US but smashing giant pumpkins is new to me. I feel for the people who will have to clean it up. Thanks for sharing.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Love these small town events!

marina villatoro said...

What a great festival! I have never seen anything that big. how do they even grow it!!!!!!!!!

Heather on her travels said...

Well each to their own I guess - we have Easter egg rolling down the hill

Dominique said...

Great sequence! I'm waiting to get out to the pumpkin patch this year to find my Halloween pumpkin...although I think I'll opt for something much smaller :lol:

Mammagiramondo. said...

That's absolutely fantastic!!Well, also a little bit bizarre, let me say. I've never seen something like this!
Last year we've been in Bolzano, North Italy for a pumpkin feast, it was really great,I've loved it.
here you can see some pictures...
You can also find the first part of our trip in Marrakech.
it's always a pleasure coming here reading about you and watching all your beautiful pictures.
P.S we need to speak about some children books one of this day :)

Jackie said...

Mammagiramondo, love the Italian pumpkin fest. As expected, a fair bit more sophisticated than the North American version. Love your Morocco pics a lot!

Thanks for popping by!

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