10 April 2010

Kid Driving the Bus

Spud had some pretty grand ideas of how he wanted to spend the afternoon with his dad; "I want to build carts that work in a factory and move gold and treasure".

It sounded a little intimidating but Hubs decided to let Spud drive the bus, so to speak, on this activity. It turned out to be 80% Spud with about 20% dad [eg the operation of the oven when baking the fimo clay and dissuading Spud from putting the contraption over his bed so he could "play with it all night"].

Each cart, carefully planned. Luckily we had fimo, wire, yarn and hooks on hand.

I was completely smitten when I saw what they created. So simple and elegant in its execution. Spud was happy-happy with it and spent hours carting treasures back and forth.