16 April 2010

Our Egyptology

Two more sleeps until Spud's buddy birthday party. This year's theme: Ancient Egypt. It all started when his great aunt gave him some of the new Playmobil Egypt set for Christmas.
Check out this little animation.

He quickly became smitten with the idea of discovering hidden treasures and thwarting robbers trying to steal them. This led to this year's theme and I thought, also a great opportunity to learn more about Egypt in the weeks leading up to the big day. First we went to the library to learn about hieroglyphics. Here's a sneak peak of our work on the goodie bags.

You might notice that we took some liberties with the hieroglyphics, adding some of our own, like the birthday cake! We also found this great book filled with all sorts of Egypt themed activities.

We had fun making papyrus boats out of bendy straws.

· 16 bendy straws
· tape
· twine/string
And a few nights ago, Hubs showed us a documentary about the Nile which inspired Spud's work here ...

"Hey, look Mama, I'm almost finished colouring in the longest river in the WORLD!"