29 April 2010

Photo Friday #22

Spending a lot of time in the pool. Of course.

Exploring the incredible beaches in the area including the discovery of small, interesting caves.

Designing roller coasters in the sand.

Strolling and noting the incredible flora of the area.

Going on kid-directed photo shoots.

Enjoying our favourite lunch spot, Ruby's Autodiner
50s style Burger joint (with decent salad options). Food the way kids like it, a characaturist on hand that works for tips, and a cool keep-the-kid-busy-until-the-food-shows-up pack including 3D glasses.

And our favourite dinner spot, Avila's El Ranchito. It's worth it just for the guacamole.

Hey, why not share your travel pics on Fridays too ... at Delicious Baby.


Heather on her travels said...

It all sounds like the perfect holiday when you're knee high - happy kids = happy parents

WanderMom said...

Awesome photos!

Kiley said...

You guys are the funnest family ever! I am ready to sign my adoption papers any time you are. :)

Cate said...

Love this post! Designing rollercoasters in the sand, gorgeous photos, wonderful and relaxing to read.

Wanderluster said...

How fun. Looks like a great destination for the spring, too, when the weather is so iffy in many parts of the country!

Jen said...

Ruby's Diner!!! Oh my goodness...when I lived in California (about twenty minutes from Laguna Beach) we used to go all the time. I had forgotten how much I loved that place! It looks like you had a wonderful day.

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