05 October 2010

New 2-tiered Tiffin

I love the tiffin. It's such a nice way to separate foods in a cool stackable container. It's also great to get away from plastic.

Well, look what prezzy came in the mail earlier this week? That's right, a new stainless steel tiffin! And best of all is the cozy carrying bag. I can add extra containers of goodies in there and it keeps it all together nicely.

Spud's favourite feature? The pocket with the napkin. I wonder if that means he'll actually use a napkin now!? Heh.

Here are two simple lunches I sent him off to school with last week.

Strawberries, apples, carrots, grapes, mortadella sandwich.

Buttered bun with star cut, wieners, strawberry, tomato, banana
blueberry muffin with fruit leather star, cheese and popcorn.