25 October 2010

Hedwig Halloween Treat Bag

Our little Harry Potter will have his messenger owl in tow. We were having troubles figuring out how he was going to carry a wand, a treat bag, an owl ... it was getting out of hand. Until I came up with the idea of combining the owl with the treat bag. Here she is!

1. I sewed the felt eyes and beak onto the faux fur. You can see in the photo that I sewed across the two biggest eye shapes in several directions. I finished off the eye with a dark grey pupil by sewing around the perimeter. This hid all sorts of sins at the centre of the eye. (Did I mention that I'm not a sewer, at all!)

2. Sewed on the check lining to the back of the faux fur. I sewed the good sides together, leaving a 5" gap along the bottom to be sewn up later with the tallons. Then turned right side out.

3. Sewed the black back to the check lining in the same manner at step two, so that the seams were hidden.

4. Next, I pinned the two panels together carefully folding in and pinning the bottom open parts and slipping in the tallons. I sewed from the outside of the left ear, down and around to the outside of the right ear.

5. Made handle by sewing a black strip and check strip together and then attached to the top of the bag.

There are two downloadable templates for all of Hedwig's bits and bobs, if you are interested.

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