25 November 2010

Photo Friday #31


I've dredged up some oldies! And with our newly acquired scanner I thought I would start posting some of our past travel favourites. Here we are in the awe inspiring Afamia, Syria. Circa 1999.

Question of the week: would we take Spud to Afamia if we had the opportunity? Absolutely.

Sure, we've seen Roman column-lined streets before but this one is 2 kilometres. Stunning.

Look at these sweet little girls. We inadvertently interrupted their work — they were harvesting some sort of wild herb in the grass. They insisted we take their photo.

Well, actually, it went like this (excerpt from my travel journal): "... ran into a bunch of little girls who asked for  'stylos' (pens). Unfortunately we didn't have any on us. So they asked "bonbons?". Ah, the universal word for candy. But to no avail. Next they tried "baksheesh?". But the sheer number of them made this awkward. By this time they were exasperated with us. But very sweet. Finally they insisted we take their picture. And this seemed to be enough of a gift. I'm not sure why but I'm grateful for it."

I think about these little girls from time to time. Each 11 years older now. Maybe even mama's themselves. I still regret that we didn't have any candies.

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