30 November 2010

Today's Bento ...

... pretty much brought to you by Costco. Oh, and a whole lotta love. As you can see, I photographed it on my desk, hence our mouse pad, and also in utter darkness. Yes, winter is upon us and therefore no more sunlight. Alas.

· Beef and cheese sandwich on one of those thin/flat hamburger buns
· Asian pear slice
· Mini carrots
· Cucumber cars
· Grape tomatoes
· Mini ginger Christmas cookies
· A rainbow of mini sweet peppers

While not actually a heart-shaped sandwich, as with this bread it would just waste too much, I simply used a cookie cutter on the top piece for show. I wonder when Spud's going to get too old for hearts? Am I going to have to get some sort of death metal cookie cutter at some point?