23 November 2010

Two IKEA Towels Become Hooded Changing Towel

We took 2 IKEA Frajen Bath Sheets, at about $8 each, and turned them into a cozy, personal space in which Spud could change. Sure, you might think this is the wrong season for such a project. Wouldn't this be more useful during beach season? But Spud takes his swimming lessons in the winter, and when you have a boy as shy as he is (he doesn't even want to show his parents his belly button!) then you have to come up with something.

Originally I had big plans to include a carefully illustrated tutorial in this post. But things have been busy and now enough time has passed that I don't even remember all the details. But suffice it to say, we chopped off the bottom 17", or so, of each towel and used those pieces for pockets in the front and a hood. There was even a bit leftover to make little bags to hold flip flops or goggles.

The rest of the sewing is very straight forward ... leaving two arm holes and a neck hole ... and we embellished a bit here and there using some of my own fabric.

Features we like:
· Large arm holes make it easy for Spud to get his clothes inside to change into.
· The pockets in the front are large enough to hold the clothes he's changing into and then the clothes he's changing out of.
· The whole thing is long enough that he should be able to wear it for a few years. If he becomes too old for the robot, it'll come off easy enough.

And, yes, he loves it. I think he would live in it if we would let him.