11 June 2011

Fishing Preparedness

We are getting ready for a Father's Day outing next weekend ... we are taking our little city boy to a nearby lake for some trout fishing! And as a bonus, we just found out, not only are there some free fishing events happening in various lakes around our province on Father's Day weekend, but there is no fishing license required! This is what we've put together in anticipation:

A picnic basket, a rod with some new line (4 lbs), a utility knife, and a styrofoam cooler which we will fill with ice.

· Marshmallow? Yes! Word is those crazy trout might actually like it.
· Pretend worms! Way less gross than threading a real one (or is it cheating?)
· Bobbers / Floats (red and white doohickeys that will keep the line from sinking too far)
· Wee metal weights (to keep the bait down at fish level)
· A flashy, little whirly thingy that we probably don't need but I thought was cute.
· Two flies, a dull one and a matte one, to test out
· Hooks (#4)
So how did we get to be so 'smart' about what to bring? Well, Hubs fished a bit as a kid, and we found some specific information for rainbow trout here, and finally the staff were mighty helpful at our local outdoorsy shop here.

People who know me would have to ask, fishing? Really? Why?
· A travel substitute: we aren't going far this summer but we can still have adventures.
· There's a real lesson in getting food on the table without going to the supermarket. And I'm never going to get into hunting. Berry picking probably. But never hunting.
· Any excuse to get outside and hang out in nature where we don't have to worry about traffic and other urban annoyances. Oh, there'll be other things to worry about, of course, and won't that be refreshing.
· Hubs has very fond memories of fishing as a boy.
· I may squeal like a girl a lot and that will be somewhat entertaining to the kid.

Can't wait. Wish us luck.