03 June 2011

Photo Friday #41


Not the hot air kind. The long-skinny-twisty kind. One of the great things about having kids is that you have a built in excuse to bust out the big kid in you where ever you are. Hubs brought his big kid with us to Morocco, as well as his compact balloon-making kit and his newly acquired skills.

Here he is in the Sahara hard at work experimenting with a new hat design.

Avant Garde I'd say ...

Our guide humoured us and modelled it as well.

En garde!

Sometimes the hats were a lot simpler. This little guy seemed to like his.

And this flower went to his big sister who was at an age where it would be immodest to pose for a photo.

This creation is a fortress (attached to a towel rack) equipped with swords and grenades and other crazy balloon weapons. Look out! It turned out to be a great activity for having some down time in the hotel after a long day of touristing.

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