05 September 2011

Homework Caddies

I posted about the idea of having a homework caddy on ohdeedoh recently; a portable homework station is exactly what we apartment dwellers need, since we don't have room for a dedicated homework space. 

I found this simple solution at Michaels. Spud was thrilled to be able to decorate it.

I'm pretty smitten with his eye for composition at this point ... but that's an aside.

So that should more than meet any homework supply needs he has. But I couldn't resist making one that houses markers and pencil crayons as well.

This started out as a 6 pack of ... ahem ... beer. A lot of cutting, scoring, folding and double-sided taping and now Spud has 6 compartments to organize some of his drawing supplies too. I think Hubs called my process caddigami. Or was it oricaddy? I can't remember but it pretty much summed up the project.