06 September 2011

Personalized Water Bottles

So, last year we pretty much went through water bottles, like they were, well, water actually. Spud is still learning how to keep track of his stuff. We came up with 2 ideas that might make this a whole lot less painful this year. Well, 3 if you include the natural maturation that happened over the past 10 weeks (one can hope, right?).

We searched high and low for cheap water bottles, since we know we won't have them for long; found these metal ones for $4. We bought two even though we know they will likely leak. Frankly, in my experience, so do the $20 ones once they've been dropped and bounced, as what tends to happen.

Next, I bought an oil paint Sharpie marker to doodle on them with, so they would stand out among the plethora of water bottles at school. One has my crazy doodles of a submarine and the other a trailer in the field. The latter has a sunrise coming up from behind, which I had to explain to Spud when he asked what the big spiky thing on the trailer was. I definitely didn't get too precious with my doodles ... because I'll never know when I may never see them again.