01 September 2011

Spring Cleaning — In the Fall


So it turns out that the first day of school is an excuse to have a spring cleaning — in the fall — for us. I've been using the day after Labour Day as a deadline for all kinds of exciting projects. Including organizing Spud's school papers from kindergarten and grade 1.

First I bought this box at an office supplies store, and some hanging folders, then made some labels, and started shoving it all in.

About 3/4 of it went into recycling but there are a lot of real keepers. My favourites are the stories Spud wrote over the school year. Totally precious.

Now here is our inbox for all the bits of paper we collect in the months coming up. The idea is that at the end of each year (or more likely the beginning of the next) I'll sort through the inbox and file away the keepers in the big plastic file box. Of course none of this includes his artwork yet. That's a whole other category I'm tackling next.